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Donate to keep the Wharton Esherick Legacy in Rose Valley

Hedgerow Theatre is selling their original Wharton Esherick furniture from the 1920s-30s at public auction on March 31st at Freeman’s to raise money.  Items include:

· Thunder Table 1929 from the Green Room
· 8x Hammer Handle Chairs made for the Actors
· 1934 Actors’ Dining Table from Hedgerow House
· Esherick family kitchen table
· Staircase from Hedgerow (built-in)

We need your help to raise awareness and $$ to save some of these priceless treasures for Rose Valley’s present and future generations.  Donations can be made up until 12:00 noon on March 31, 2020.

Please donate to the Rose Valley Museum’s Fund to Keep the Wharton Esherick legacy in Rose Valley