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Donate to keep the Wharton Esherick Legacy in Rose Valley

Hedgerow Theatre is selling their original Wharton Esherick furniture from the 1920s-30s at public auction on a date TBA at Freeman’s to raise money.  Items include:

· Thunder Table 1929 from the Green Room
· 8x Hammer Handle Chairs made for the Actors
· 1934 Actors’ Dining Table from Hedgerow House
· Esherick family kitchen table
· Staircase from Hedgerow (built-in)

We need your help to raise awareness and $$ to save some of these priceless treasures for Rose Valley’s present and future generations.  Donations can be made up until date and time to be announced (est. November 2020).

Please donate to the Rose Valley Museum’s Fund to Keep the Wharton Esherick legacy in Rose Valley