Howard F. Stratton

Howard Freemont Stratton was the director of the Pennsylvania Museum School of Industrial Art (now PAFA), ran a summer school in Rose Valley in 1901, along with his former students Susan Price, Mary Price deMoll and Carl deMoll. Also numbered among his former students were Will Price, Henry Troth and John Bissegger. Stratton was an educator. He was the head of The Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Arts (PMSIA). It is probable that his role at PMSIA helped develop Will Walton and Samuel Yellin’s interest in Rose Valley.

Howard Stratton wrote some of the early minutes of the Rose Valley Folk. Stratton, John O. Gilmore, M. Hawley McLanahan, Edward Bok, and William Lightfoot Price founded the Rose Valley Association.


Source: Exhibition of Rose Valley Art and Handicrafts 2001
History of Rose Valley, vol.1