Henry Troth

Henry Troth was a nationally known photographer. He came to Rose Valley in the early 1900’s, and built a summer home on Price’s Lane for him and his sister, Emma Troth. Emma was an artist, mainly an illustrator, who shared a studio with a young woman named Louise Smith.

Troth was a pictorialist, a name given to those photographers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries interested in creative artistic expression. For them, photographic sharpness and clarity were to be avoided. Their photographs often had a soft tranquil quality.

Troth displayed his work along with other noted photographers including F. Holland Day, at the 1896 Washington Salon. In 1899, he, Day, Frances Benjamin Johnston, Clarence White, and Gertrude Kasebier were selected to be judges at the Second Philadelphia Photographic Salon.

His work is in collection at the George Eastman House.


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